Hi there, I’m Justin Garrett Hill. I made this site.

Justin Garrett Hill and Dillinger during the January 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

I made this site because I have been hiking in Griffith Park for a dozen years now, and always wanted to know what all the plants were. That being said, I am not a botanist and if you think I got anything wrong please let me know.  If you want to communicate my email is justghill@gmail.com 

For plant identification help I mostly use Calfora, and two cell phone apps : Southern California Wildflowers, and NPS SMM wildflowers. Amazing resources!

As of 4-28-18 I think that about 99% of the pictures on this site are originals that I have shot with my ZTE Blade Z max cell phone. I have also used a 15x macro lens attachment for some pictures.

You can also learn more about me from my other websites, the main one of which is: